Volunteering at the Yarraville Festival

The Festival needs YOU!!!

The Yarraville Festival is run for the community, by the community!


We need as many people as possible to volunteer to make the event happen, so come along to find out how you can make a difference!

Please complete the form below and indicate how you can help, or email admin@yarravillefestival.com.au for more information!!


2018 Volunteer application

Thanks for being awesome and volunteering!!!!
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    In the event of illness or injury, Yarraville Festival Inc, will take all reasonable steps to notify the person(s) nominated on this form as soon as possible. Volunteers' Rights and Responsibilities Please read the following so that you understand your rights and responsibilities. Volunteering is a mutual arrangement and as such any agreement to undertake activities on behalf of the Yarraville Festival Committee Inc. (hereafter known as YFC) is done so only with the consent of the volunteer. 
 Notwithstanding the above either party may terminate the arrangement at any time by notification to the other party.
 No payment will be made for any volunteer activity undertaken. The undertaking of volunteer activity does not create any right or expectation of future paid work. A Volunteer Supervisor is appointed to direct and supervise the activities of volunteers and you are expected to undertake all reasonable requests and directions given in order to perform tasks and activities by your appointed Supervisor. If you are unable to undertake or complete any assigned task or activity, or where you are unsure of how tasks are to be performed, you are to seek clarification from your Supervisor. Where your activities are part of a roster you should notify your Program Supervisor if you are unable to attend on any day that you are expected to attend. You are expected to be courteous at all times to staff, the public and other volunteers. There are no formal dress codes required for voluntary work at the Yarraville Festival, however, we do ask you to be dressed smart casual and have adequate warm and wet weather clothing. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 - Act No. 107/2004 you must follow reasonable direction given by YFC, its agent or representative in regard to safety practices and procedures. Under the Act you are also expected to take reasonable responsibility for your own health and safety as well as the health and safety of others. Any plant, property or equipment that is provided for use during your placement is only to be used to undertake tasks assigned to you and remains the property of YFC. YFC will indemnify you for any damage to plant, property or equipment used by yourself in undertaking assigned tasks, other than where you wilfully or deliberately cause that damage. While undertaking tasks under the direction YFC, its agent or representative you will be indemnified by YFC Public Liability Insurance for any injury or damage caused by your actions, other than where you wilfully or deliberately cause that injury or damage. Details of the insurance can be provided upon request. Should you suffer any injury, you must notify the Volunteer Supervisor immediately. Should you become aware of an injury to another party or of damage to property you must notify your Volunteer Supervisor immediately. You will be required to complete an Accident Report for all accidents and ‘near misses’. These forms will be available from the Festival Office, Canterbury Street.